Wooden Fencing
Our wooden fences will add that feel of a classic English garden, whilst being durable and attractive. We use 'post-savers' so the wooden posts won't succumb to post-rot, or if you prefer, we can install concrete posts to ensure your solid, attractive fence will remain exactly that for many years.We also construct gates, shelters, sheds and maintenance stores to perfectly suit your garden design.
A Lovely Garden Deserves a Lovely Fence
Exactly how beautiful can a garden be without a gorgeous fence to finish it off? It's traditional to think of fencing as being more functional than ornamental but now you can combine the two.
We offer a wide range of fences from pretty and practical to solid and protective. We can design the fence to fit in with the feel of your garden or other space, so it's a perfect match and enhances your already lovely garden.
And it's not just fences that we design and fit. We can also create bespoke gates, double-door gates, sheds, fenced boundaries for recycling bins etc., whatever you need, we can create it for you. Click here to see some of our projects up close.