Modern Fencing
A garden fence doesn't have to be in the wooden style we're all so used to — now there is a stunning alternative. We are official pro-installers for Xcel fences. These beautiful fences are wood-look aluminium and super durable — they come with a 20 year protective coating to ensure your fence looks stunning for the long term and gives you pleasure for many years.
Xcel Fences
Most of us barely even notice our fences, they're not usually a standout feature in a garden. But with Xcel fencing, they become an integral part of your garden design.
One of the many benefits of is the fact that you can choose your design of coating from a wide range of swatches. There are many different grains, textures and colours to choose from to perfectly suit your style and enhance your garden / property space.
We will shortly have a dedicated website for our Xcel range, in the meantime, drop us a line or give us a call and we'll talk you through your dream garden fencing.