Roofing Maintenance
Garden Angels are a multi-skilled outfit! As well as garden construction and maintenance, we also offer roofing services. Does your roof need a spruce up? Is it covered in moss, algae, even plant-life happily growing away after been deposited by birds? We can help.We can remove the debris making a mess of your roof and even rendering it unstable, and then treat it with a special spray that will protect your sparkly-looking roof for another 5 years. Garden Angels can also clean and repair your gutters for you.
Keeping Your Roof Pristine
Here's what one of our happy customers had to say…

"Garden Angels have provided a 1st class, professional service over the last year at a competitive price. They have worked tirelessly and cheerfully to renew fencing, both metal and wooden, design new raised beds requiring landscaping and make repairs to a patio, all of which requiring digging and ground clearing. They recently cleared the moss from our large expanse of roof and sprayed it with moss killer. I thoroughly recommend them for any garden and roof clearance work."

—Julian Leigh, Child Okeford